Project3: A Secret 90 Day Fasting & Praying Project

Extravagantly Loving and Serving our Lead Pastors

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4 Steps to Project3 - Watch the Videos… Use the simple steps…


October through December - Gather a group at your church and explain Project3 to them

January 1 - March 31: We secretly fast and pray for our Lead Pastors and then on the last Sunday in March, we let them what we’ve been doing!


STAGE 1: Identify your Co-Leader inside your church (Someone on your Leadership Team)

I think this person is going to be someone on your leadership team.  Every Youth Workers needs to develop a good relationship with their leadership team and serving together deepens our relationships. 

Choose someone for a partner who knows a lot of people within your church and someone who can identify potential Project3 People who are willing to Fast and Pray.

After you’ve identified your co-leader, have them to and fill out the online form


Stage 2: Meet one time with your Co-Leader to Set a date and time for your Secret Meeting

Set aside an hour for your meeting together. Go to Starbucks or some place where you feel creative and you can have some fun together

1. Set a date and time for your Secret Meeting where you explain Project3.  (I suggest you meet after church on a Sunday in your Youth Room if you have one.  Provide lunch for everyone if you can and let everyone know the meeting will be 45 minutes)

2. Identify people in your church that you want to have on the Project3 team.  These will be people you know personally and people your partner knows.  Make a list of 50 or more people that you’re going to invite.  That last time I did this at a church of 130 people, we had over 100 participate!


STAGE 3: Extending an Invitation to Project3

Take your list and divide up the people into three separate groups

1. Texting group: There are some people who will respond to you if you simply text them and invite them to a meeting you think they’ll love.

2. Calling Group: These are people you know will respond to you if you call them.  Decide who’s going to make the phone calls and get started on them right away.

3. Face to Face Group: People who will respond to you on a Sunday Morning or during the week.  Make a plan to talk to them.



Stage 4: Your Secret Meeting

Your meeting can be done in 45 minutes or less

Here’s the plan that I’ve used in the past for these Meetings

12:00 PM – Lunch is available for everyone as they arrive (A welcome slide on the screen invites everyone to grab some food and find a place to sit down)

12:10 PM – We actually get started because we love everyone, even if you’re late

12:10 PM – Welcome to a Secret Meeting!  Explain that we’re creating a team of people to secretly Fast and Pray for our Lead Pastor for the next 90 Days and that we’re looking to get 100 PSWC Churches to do this together

12:15 PM – Explain Fasting, why Jesus says “When you fast” not if…and explain that Fasting is giving up something physical so we can focus on the spiritual (Pass out the attached handouts at this LINK to the group.

12:25 PM – Have everyone draw numbers out of a hat or just go up and write their name next to a list of 31 numbers on a giant sticky note.

12:30 PM – Talk about not being legalistic.  If it’s Valentines Day, your Birthday, an Anniversary or a Special Occasion, just move your day over

12:35 PM – E-mail time…have everyone go to on their phones and sign up for Project 3, we’ll make the list available to you online so you can grab everyone’s e-mail quickly and easily

12:40 PM – Pray together and get excited about the coming months


Download Additional Resources Below…