The Youth Initiative!

What would happen if a generation of students and youth workers intentionally spent time together -- in large-scale gathering events, mission trips, and in life and leadership development? We're creating a community of highly connected teens and emerging adults spanning the southwestern states: young people who form a tribe of friends, who love Jesus and understand themselves as influential world changers at home and abroad. 

Spend time with other Covenant Youth & Children's Workers and take time to connect deeply with Jesus!  Our Fall Ministry Season starts with Youth & Children’s Workers from all over California, Arizona, Nevada, and Hawaii, coming together at Mission Springs.  We will spend time together in worship, make new friends as we discuss ministry together and prepare for a new school year.  REGISTER NOW

This Winter we're gathering at Old Oak Ranch Conference Center in Sonora, CA with several other Covenant Churches.  As we enter year two of High School Winter Camps we're looking to bring 30+ churches together!  We're bringing in a speaker, worship team, game guys, and continuing a tradition of High School Winter Camps in Northern California. We would love to have you join us!  Click Here to enter the High School Winter Camp Website.

Our churches who value Youth & Children's Ministry invest in developing their leaders.  Get involved in a Cohort of Youth & Children's Workers who are learning how to grow themselves and their ministries together.  We meet four times face to face in a year and four time online.  Every participant received a one-on-one coach for eight sessions a year.  Sign up for a Coaching Cohort Today!


Matt Aalseth: Director of Youth Ministry

If you'd like more information about any of our upcoming events or how you can be a part of the Youth Initiative in the Pacific Southwest Conference, contact Matt Aalseth, Director of Youth Ministry.  Send him a text or give him a call at (925) 326-1911, or send him an e-mail.

This Fall we're gathering at Mission Springs for our High School Fall Retreat.  Join 20+ other Covenant Churches from all over California.  Last year we experienced "If you really knew me..." an interactive movement program that kept our students engaged the entire weekend.  This year we continue with a new interactive program that will help our students connect deeply with each other. Enter the Fall Retreat Site Here


This year we have three different Winter Camps in Southern California to choose from .  Jan 11-13 is a combination Jr. High and High School Camp that will feature at least 1/2 the camp being from our Hispanic Churches.  Feb 15-18 is a High School Ministry partnership with Rolling Hills Covenant Church at Alpine.  February 22-24 is Jr. High Ministry partnership with Rolling Hills at Alpine as well.  Click here to fill out the interest form.

We weren't meant to do ministry alone!  Take some time out of your already busy schedule to connect with other Covenant Youth Workers.  If you have questions about our past events or how to get involved in collaborative ministry, our Cluster Leaders are here to help!  They love meeting new people!  To connect with your Cluster Leader, click on the link right here or give Matt Aalseth a call!

Develop Leaders Basecamp Materials

If you attended CHIC 2018 and went through the Develop Leaders Basecamp Experience and would like to use the materials with your Church or Youth Group, we've made a portion of the material available for download here.  Please do not distribute the material outside of your Church or Youth Group.  We are licensed to use the material within The Covenant.  Click here to download the material.

This Winter, we're pulling together 30+ Covenant Churches in Northern California for a massive Jr. High Winter Camp!  We'll be staying at Old Oak Camp & Conference Center near Sonora, CA.  Our last two years we've had 400+ Jr. High Students join us for a weekend of fun and games, inspiring teaching, and powerful worship.  Click here to enter the BEAR COV Winter Camp Website for more information.


Azusa Pacific's Mexicali Outreach has been impacting the lives of young people for more than 40 years!  Many of our own Covenant Churches have long standing relationships with churches in the Mexicali Valley and APU.  We'd love to have a large Covenant presence at the Mexicali Basecamp and help get any of our Youth Groups involved in the program.  This first year we're looking for 15 churches to come!  Click here to fill out the interest form.

Parents play a key role in The Youth Initiative.  You're praying for your own kids, your youth workers, and your church.  You serve as volunteers, drivers, and you open up your houses for Youth events!  We can't do ministry without you!  If you'd like to be involved in The Youth Initiative, get e-mail updates about upcoming events, and tips on how to really love your Youth Pastor more, sign up here.


IGNITE: Seminary Programs

Go to Seminary at a fraction of the cost.  Pastors can't afford to graduate in debt so we've worked hard to partner with North Park to reduce the price of a Seminary education.  Through online hybrid classes, you'll enjoy relationship building classroom time at Mission Springs and Mid-Winter, while doing your course work online.  For more information, visit the Ignite Website here.