What do Students do at Bear Cov? +

During the weekend there are three things students will do: 1) students will have tons of FUN playing all-camp games, hanging out with friends, meeting and making new friends, enjoying the Adventure Activities at Leoni Meadows, and lots of other creative opportunities that are always changing and growing from year to year, 2) students will spend time worshiping God through music, prayer, and time with their individual church community, and 3) students will hear passionate speakers share from Gods word; the messages will challenge students to commit their lives to Jesus and to take the next steps in their lives of following him.

Who Can Come to Bear Cov? +

Anybody! In order to come to Bear Cov you must come as part of a participating Church, however, we are always eager to have more churches join our community. Some of the churches that regularly participate in the planning of Bear Cov include: Bayside of Citrus Heights, Covenant Grove, Escalon Covenant, First Covenant Oakland, Hillside Covenant, Hope Center, Kingsburg Covenant, Life Community Church, Modesto Covenant, Redeemer Covenant, University Covenant, Community Covenant of Rocklin, Common Ground, District Church, Good Samaritan, Hilmar Covenant, Marin Covenant, New Hope, Peninsula Covenant, Rock Harbor, and San Andres Covenant. We have had groups from other denominational churches join us for our camp and an awesome weekend of worship and encountering Christ in his word and through his body.

How do I Register for Bear Cov?+

Registration for Bear Cov happens through your church youth leader. They will gather all registration from the participants from their church then register everyone for Bear Cov through our website. The “Registration” links on this site are for the youth leaders. Your leaders will be the primary point of contact for questions and information about the weekend.

How much does Bear Cov cost? +

The cost of the weekend is determined by each church. This is because each church has different costs and resources associated with transportation and volunteer leaders. Therefore, the cost of the weekend is slightly different for each church.

Where is Bear Cov? +

Bear Cov is held at Leoni Meadows in Grizzly Flatts, CA. Located at about 4,000 feet in elevation, there’s not always snow but if there’s snow on the ground, you can bet our students will be playing in it. You can find more information about Leoni Meadows at

When is Bear Cov? +

Bear Cov 2018 will be held on two weekends this year. February 16-18 and February 23-25. Friday night dinner will be arranged by each individual church and will not be provided at camp. We will have dessert and snacks available as students arrive. As some of our churches travel a great distance, each church will eat on the way, pack sack dinners, or make other arrangements for dinner on Friday. We’ll start our program as late as necessary to allow everyone to arrive on Friday night. The weekend will end on Sunday morning after our morning session and groups usually pull out of camp by 11:00am or noon.

Are cameras, gopros, phones, music devices allowed at Bear Cov? +

Your local church pastor will inform you of their policies in this area. Church leaders have different policies when it comes to what their group is allowed to have and not have. Please be aware that if you are allowed to bring devices that neither your church or camp is responsible for lost, damaged or stolen items.

What are the housing details? +

Church Groups are housed in a variety of cabin options. Leoni Meadows features smaller cabins that sleep 10-12 people, two large bunk houses, and a hotel style building with rooms for four. Our planning team will assign each Church Group specific housing. Church leaders designate individual housing assignments and both church and camp staff monitor and enforce the safety of separate sleeping quarters for our students.

What’s the safety and medical plan at Bear Cov? +

Safety is one of our highest concerns at any event. We’ll have a medical professional on hand in case a student gets sick or hurt during the weekend. We utilize several Covenant College Students to fill our Safety Team at Bear Cov. Their job is to keep an eye out for our students and to communicate with our Youth Leaders if they see a problem.

Who do I contact with questions? +

Parents of participants should direct questions to their church youth director/pastor/Bear Cov leader. Youth leaders from each church can get in touch with the Bear Cov Planning Team anytime.